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Of American writers who have given a careful attention to the subject of pronunciation, Dr.

Smart is one of the most recent writers upon this subject, and, by general consent, is regarded as the highest single authority, at the present day, upon English orthoepy and English usage in the matter of pronunciation. M3ost of the words compounded with the prefixes all-, counter-, in-, out-, over-, sub-, super-, uzz- under-, as they are attended with no difficulty that is not explained under their simple formsr have also been omitted. The Introduction contains a description of the organs of speech, preliminary definitions of a few terms, and an account of the elementary sounds of the language, with a statement of the views in respect to these sounds, held by the most eminent orthoepists, and of the various ways in which they are represented by the letters of the alphabet. Manual of English pronunciation and spelling: containing a full alphabetical vocabulary of the language with a preliminary exposition of English orthoëpy and orthography ... WHEELER, ASSOCIATE EDITOR OF WEBSTER'S DICTIONARIES BOSTON: LEE AND SHEPARD, PUBLISHERS. As works of reference for this purpose, the smaller dictionaries are often found to be defective in their vocabularies, and the larger ones are too bulky for convenient use. BY RI CHARD S OULE, ASSOCIATE EDITOR OF WORCESTER'S QUARTO DICTIONARY, AND WILLIAMIN A. So difficult is it to become thoroughly versed in either of these branches of learning, that an English dictionary is probably quite as often consulted to ascertain the pronunciation or the spelling of a word, as to learn its meaning. Orthophony, or the Cultivation of the Voice in Elocution.

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The words which it has been thought best, as a general rule, to omit from the Vocabulary are all such as are obso(iii) iv PREFACE.

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