Dating service for depressed people

This personality trait may help explain some cross-cultural differences: a study comparing similar groups of British, Chinese and Japanese people found that the British were, on average, both more extrovert and happier than the Chinese and Japanese. All sorts of things in people's lives, such as relationships, education, income and health, shape the way they feel.Being married gives people a considerable uplift, but not as big as the gloom that springs from being unemployed.

The first goes along the lines of: thinking about your life as a whole, how do you feel?Neurotic people—those who are prone to guilt, anger and anxiety—tend to be unhappy.This is more than a tautological observation about people's mood when asked about their feelings by pollsters or economists.They do not always elicit the same response: having children, for instance, tends to make people feel better about their life as a whole, but also increases the chance that they felt angry or anxious yesterday.Statisticians trawl through the vast quantities of data these surveys produce rather as miners panning for gold.

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