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I tell you that you are NOT paying enough to talk with Me, increase the rate, and hang up so you have to call back at the higher rate.I do this again and again, your cock getting harder and harder with each hang up, knowing you will have to pay MORE to hear more of My voice. Pig Paycunt, slave brian fell victim to My mind control games a couple times over the past month, spending a grand fucking total of ,250 Holy shit!Women who wouldn’t even acknowledge your pathetic existence, but who smiled and demanded you pay them. In spite of your better judgement, your cock got hard.Perhaps I was the Woman that brought you into Financial Domination, My confidence and beauty inspiring you to read My writings, listen to My recordings.There are reward pathways associated with sexual behavior, and I use My skills to narrow them to be specific to Me, to be specific to paying Me.

This time the bitch spent 1 dollars on his Goddess. click puppet was outstanding this month, spending 3 mostly in one session. Almost making “HUGE paypig alert” status was egghead, who spent 5 in his mindless surrender to Me this month! New to My blog is paypistol, who spent 0 in his deflowering! And back for more was cashfuck begger, who spent o since last blog post. And more, in spite of any negative consequences that might result.I want to know your inner self better than anyone else ever has. Now…I want to take a little poll about the spending report.The thoughts you won’t tell your friends, your love interests, your family. I can even be vulnerable, (or you think I am) to get My hooks into you. I’m thinking of discontinuing it, or greatly modifying it. Sunday the 26th I should be around 3 pm to 11 pm Monday the 27th I’m aiming for pm to midnight Tuesday the 28th 3 pm to midnight, with a gap around 6-7 pm Wednesday the 29th, 7 to midnight…Extreme paypig is going well so far with that, since last blog entry he has spent 04 ! He told Me last time that was the last time, but we know the truth.My devoted butler spoiled and served Me well this month, spending 8 dollars on long phone calls and ptvs and another 9 on his santa slave duties on Niteflirt! My exposure sissy and I had lots of fun with exposure games, and this sissy spent 5 on this 🙂 My elegant foot lover was very kind and fun this month, to the tune of 0. PIG gets an alert too, for spending 3 this month, a little low for him. He’ll be back Formerly known as money bunny, but now rebranded as “titcunt” this slut spent 5 losing all the slut cash on Lauren!

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I give you the tools you need to be a mind-controlled paypig!

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