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That’s why password managers, like Dashlane, are imperative for keeping online identities secure.” Additional findings from the survey include: There’s a lot of intimate information in the cloud and online, so it’s surprising that people are still so open to sharing passwords.Consumers may think that sharing a Netflix password is harmless because their streaming preferences aren’t exactly “top secret” information. adults conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Dashlane, the leader in online identity and password management, nearly four in ten Americans (39%) would sacrifice sex for one year if it meant they never had to worry about being hacked, having their identity stolen, or their accounts breached.Five to ten years ago, cybersecurity was about protecting devices with anti-virus software.Today, data isn’t on our devices, but in the cloud – and the best line of defense we have to protect this data are passwords,” said Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane.

For example, if he knows your Gmail address he can attempt to sign in using the password culled from your local and Microsoft accounts. And I’m about to walk you through the entire process – step by step.

To top it all off, he’s doing this on your brand spanking new Windows 8.1 PC which has all the updates installed and is running Windows Defender. Prepare to be For the longest time, I’ve told you how imperative it is to use a password that is both strong and memorable.

Your password must be strong so that it can’t be easily brute forced and memorable so you don’t compromise your password by writing it down.

Obviously do not try this on someone in real life –.

This is what happens with the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS.exe) process.

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