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In addition to the potter's hands these techniques can use tools, including paddles, anvils & ribs, and those specifically for cutting or piercing such as knives, fluting tools, needle tools and wires.

Thrown pieces can be further modified by the attachment of handles, lids, feet and spouts.

It is common for clays and other materials to be mixed to produce clay bodies suited to specific purposes.

A common component of clay bodies is the mineral kaolinite.

The Japanese steelmaker told Fact Wire on Tuesday that it could only verify by the end of October whether the aluminium used on Hong Kong’s trains were safe.

All trains were delivered to the MTR Corp in August.

It was not the first time for the mainland manufacturer to be embroiled in a scandal.

The properties which make them different include: Plasticity, the malleability of the body; the extent to which they will absorb water after firing; and shrinkage, the extent of reduction in size of a body as water is removed.

Different clay bodies also differ in the way in which they respond when fired in the kiln.

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However, the latest response from Kobe Steel contradicted their accounts.

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