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Coming to power after the end of Japanese rule in 1945, he authorized the invasion of South Korea in 1950, triggering a defense of South Korea by the United Nations led by the United States.Following the military stalemate in the Korean War, a cease-fire was signed on 27 July 1953.At the 6th WPK Congress in 1980, his son Kim Jong-il, was elected as a Presidium member and chosen as his heir apparent to the supreme leadership.Kim Il-sung's birthday is a public holiday in North Korea and it is called the "Day of the Sun".Several sources indicate that the name "Kim Il-sung" had previously been used by a prominent early leader of the Korean resistance, Kim Kyung-cheon.However, historian Andrei Lankov has argued that this is unlikely to be true.During this period, North Korea also remained critical of United States imperialism, and it seized the American ship USS Pueblo (AGER-2) in 1968.Kim's cult of personality dominated domestic politics in North Korea.

Controversy surrounds Kim's life before the founding of North Korea, with some sources labeling him an impostor.

It had close political and economic relations with the Soviet Union.

By the 1960s, North Korea enjoyed a relatively high standard of living, outperforming the South, which was riddled with political instability and economic crises.

Nonetheless, Kim's parents, especially Kim's mother Kang Ban Suk, played a role in the anti-Japanese struggle that was sweeping the peninsula.

where he rejected the feudal traditions of older-generation Koreans and became interested in Communist ideologies; his formal education ended when the police arrested and jailed him for his subversive activities.

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