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She desperately wants to be a priority in someone’s life.

But the more she tries to feed that Leo Moon, the more she seems to amp up her Venus in Scorpio.

Jill could use Scorpio’s resourcefulness to be more discriminating (Scorpio is The Reaper and only a select few should make the cut).

She could also recognize that chasing men is waste of Scorpio’s energy (they’ll come to her).

That instinctive Venus in Scorpio gets her tons of romantic attention, but it always seems to be the wrong kind.

Men want to have sex with her, while ignoring her feelings.

Or she attracts (and is attracted to) men who already have another woman in their life.

Jill understands that men are drawn to her, but this doesn’t resonate with her at a core level.

Once the Moon is satisfied, activating the highest potentials of Venus in its sign can attract (Venus) healthier partners, and re-write her personal definition of being a woman.

As Jill matured, her magnetic Venus in Scorpio kicked in. She sucked up all the attention that her mother wanted for herself.

Meanwhile, her mother may have made little remarks about Jill “asking for the wrong kind of attention,” while pointedly refusing to compliment Jill on her appearance. Jill grows up with a ferocious need to be recognized and appreciated (Moon in Leo).

I’ve explored what this could mean in a man’s chart, but the effects are somewhat different in a woman’s chart.

The Moon represents a woman’s security needs and relationship with her mother.

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People (especially men) sense the conflict and want to know more.

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